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Sapphire Celebrates Festive Season with 3 Exquisite Collections

The most coveted high-street brand Sapphire launches an exciting new range of Festive, Man and Ready-to-Wear lines. To celebrate the spirit of the festive season, Pakistan’s leading high-street retail brand Sapphire launches three new Eid collections under its ‘Festive’, ‘Man’ and ‘Ready-to-Wear’ lines. ‘Sapphire Festive’ marks the debut of the …

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Smiling Makes You Look Older, Study Says. We Say, Who Cares?

Happy expressions are associated with youth, but here’s the surprising reason new research suggests they don’t actually make you appear younger. If toothpaste and lipstick commercials are to be believed, a big grin can make you look more attractive, more approachable, and years younger. While the first two may be true, one new study suggest that …

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10 Myths About Acne

While many grow out of their acne after their teens, others experience persistent acne for years into adulthood. Check out this list and learn which acne myths have been debunked. Almost everyone suffers from acne at least once in their lives. While many grow out of their acne after their teens, …

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Sleeveless Work Outfit Ideas

Unless you work in a place that has a super strict dress code, you can get away with wearing a sleeveless top or two in the Summer. Doing away with that extra piece of fabric literally works wonders when it’s 90 degrees out. So, what kind of tops can you …

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Benefits of Full Body Spa Treatments in Summer

In Summer, Spa Treatment is a best way of relaxing and refreshing your body & mind. Here we have some benefits of Summer Spa Treatment, which proves best in releasing the pain situations. It is very important to escape into another world due to busy schedule. Summer is a perfect …

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7 Simple Yet Traditional Hair Remedies

Here is a list of 7 such traditional hair remedies that Celebrity blindly trusts to keep her hair healthy and flawless. 1. Shikakai Hair Cleansing Mask Wash your hair using shikakai by replacing your shampoo. Mix water in shikakai powder and use it to wash your hair to get healthy and …

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