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‘My Marriage May Have Ended, But That Hasn’t Turned Me Into a Cynic

'My Marriage May Have Ended, But That Hasn't Turned Me Into a Cynic': Fan Actress Waluscha De Sousa

One could be forgiven for thinking that model-turned-actress Waluscha De Sousa was a late bloomer, when, in fact, she’s living her life in reverse! The gorgeous model, who was discovered by designer Wendell Rodricks, went on to storm the modelling scene in the late 1990s before abruptly giving in all up to settle down with choreographer and model Marc Robinson at the age of 19.

“It all happened very quickly and I disappeared into another life. I was only 19 and in love, it felt like the right thing to do at the time. I’ve never tried to over-think a situation or fight what life has in store. I’ve always followed my heart. I got married and had three babies, it was a part of my life’s journey,” Waluscha told Mumbai Mirror.

After three kids, Chanel, Brooklyn and Sienna, perfect couple Marc and Waluscha decided to end their marriage in 2012. “When you decide to move on, there is no looking back. Of course, like with any estranged couple, our kids keep us together. They are strong and amazing, I’m really proud of them,” she smiles. Surprisingly, there is no bitterness as Waluscha attributes her positivity to her acceptance of the whole situation

“Things happen for a reason and once you accept that, you don’t need to fight anything,” she explains with philosophical wisdom. Debuting as an actress with superstar Shah Rukh Khan in Fan, Waluscha says, “He’s so calm and dedicated, once he’s on the sets, it’s just the film, everything else takes a backseat,” she says, remembering how nervous she was the first time she was to face this huge star on camera, hoping she wouldn’t fumble her lines.

About finding love in her life once again, Waluscha says, “I am a believer in love. My marriage may have ended, but that hasn’t turned me into a cynic. Right now I’m completely focussed on my work but I’m pretty sure that love will definitely find me again.”

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