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Saqib Saleem opens up about sibling revelry

Saqib Saleem opens up about sibling revelry

Saqib Saleem was seen in  Dobaara – See Your Evil Directed by Prawaal Raman’s with his sister Huma Qureshi.  The actor speaks about movies and relationships.

How was it working with Huma Qureshi?

It’s like family. We never thought we would do a film together, but it happened… Then we started shooting together. It was difficult also because we have worked with people who we had never met in life. So you get to know about the person. Here you are with the person who you already know. I think the discovery of another actor on set is also very important for me as an actor. So we had to balance that thing. I tried to maintain a balance between professional and personal relationship while working on the sets. It is because of the fact that you are family and work together, sometimes the lines tend to get blurred, but then you enjoy that also. Sometimes, I speak to Huma as an actor and sometimes as a brother.

What kind of equation do you share with Huma Qureshi?

We don’t treat each other like sibling in real life. We are like friends. If you see har bhai bahan ek doosre se sab share nahi karte. There is always a fear between siblings that usey ye na pata chal jaye.  But between me and Huma there is nothing we don’t discuss.  We are best friends first then siblings. We are number one on each other’s speed dial. Koi bhi issue ho she will call me and I will call her. It’s like that equation we share. We don’t hesitate to share anything with each other.

What are the things that make you fight with each other?

Small things. Like when I get up early I don’t like to speak. I will do my work quietly. I like to wake up take my one hour then do whatever you want. So I need that one hour to reassess ki kya karna hai din bhar. But if you want to talk to me right in the morning and keep talking, I will get irritated. Is baat pe jhagda hota hai because Huma is a morning person. She wakes up very fresh and she likes to talk. we have been staying together since six years now we have figured each other’s place.

How do you see her as an actor?

I think we brought different energies. As actors, we have different energies and that kind of helped while shooting the film. It made us understand each other as actors more. We got to know each other’s process of working. For that, I think this film was a great exercise and we had great fun shooting.

Do you believe in Aatma?

No, I don’t believe in such thing. I have heard that too many people have encountered. I heard so many stories from my Nani and Dadi, but it never happened to me so I don’t believe.

Your favourite horror film?

Ramgopal Verma’s Raat (1992) and The shining (1980).

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